Intellectual Property Investigations

Rights holders and lawyers utilize our team to help combat counterfeiters and theft of intellectual property. We understand that there must be a multi-faceted approach to this enormous problem and we adapt accordingly.

Some of our strategies include:

bulletInvestigation of the infringers and sellers of counterfeit goods. Working from the retailer up the chain to the supplier and beyond.

bulletTaking a pro-active approach in the search for counterfeit goods. Advising rights holders when we locate counterfeit product bearing their trademark or copyright.

bulletConducting sweeps for counterfeit goods.

bulletIssuing Cease and Desist documents to the proper parties to be served. Documenting and securely storing any counterfeit goods relinquished or siezed.

bulletAssisting with the civil remedy. Conducting research, undercover operations, collecting evidence and building a case with your litigators to help shut down those people selling knock offs of your product.

bulletConducting meticulous investigations and liaising with national and local law enforcement to assist with criminal action against the infringers and sellers.

bulletEducating retailers, night market owners, flea market managers and others about the social, economic and health issues surrounding the sale of counterfeit goods.

Our investigators and successfully concluded hundreds of files, many of which have resulted in precedent setting judgments and awards in favour of the plaintiff, settlements or criminal convictions.

Our investigators are skilled in their field of investigation. Their language skills include French, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese, Farsi, Hindi and Punjabi.

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